Synology DSM (terminal) service control


Webuserinterface, Synology recommended:

Control Panel, Task Scheduler, Create Scheduled Task, Stop/Start Service

Terminal command:

ssh <admin account>@server

sudo -i

synoservicecfg --list

synoservicecfg --hard-stop <service>

synoservicecfg -stop <service>

synoservicecfg --hard-start <service>

synoservicecfg -start <service>

synoservice –status

synoservice –restart <service>

synoservicectl –restart <service>

Apache webserver:

stop pkg-apache22

start pkg-apache22

reload pkg-apache22

restart DSM Webapplication:

restart synoscgi


Terminal command:

ssh <admin account>@server

sudo -i

To list installed packages, try: synopkg list --name and hit Enter.
To stop a package, try: synopkg stop <package name> and hit Enter (EG synopkg stop USBCopy).
To start a package, try: synopkg start <package name> and hit Enter.
To restart a package (stops a package, then starts it), try: synopkg restart <package name> and hit Enter.


Restart HybridShare

synopkg restart HybridShare