Diktio Solutions is a company in the Information and Technology sector. Diktio Solutions delivers services, products and solutions in the area of Information Security and monitoring.

In the Information Security sector I am specialized in computer, data, network, infrastructure, website and application security. I give advice and deliver services, solutions and products to protect your company against cyber crime and lost of data.

Diktio Solutions offers services, solutions and products to monitor your servers, networks, websites and applications. Because of monitoring you keep an eye on your IT infrastructure proactively with a higher availability as a result. 

I am specialized in Bitdefender, Cyberoam, Apple Mac OS X, WordPress and Synology.

What I do?

  • Do you have concerns about IT security? I can help you with an assessment to determine the state of your IT Protection.
  • I can help you define an IT security policy and help you with appropriate security counter measures. 
  • Want to keep a close eye on your IT Infrastructure you should monitor it. Because of good monitoring you are pro-actively instead of reactively reacting to incidents with the result a higher availability. Diktio Solutions can keep an eye on your IT infrastructure.
  • Diktio Solutions provides several Cloud Solutions. I can inform you and give advice about the different Cloud Solutions.
  • Want to work safely via the principal Any time, Any where and Any device I have the solutions. 
  • For security reasons it is very important to implement a secure remote access solution. I implement secure remote access solutions. 
  • Diktio Solutions is Synology partner, a system integrator. Synology provides modern IT solutions for different platforms. I can help you implement all kinds of Synology related solutions. 
  • Is your Mac running slow I can help you solve this problem. I am a certified Mac OS X specialist and have a lot of experience. Beside troubleshooting your Mac I can help you with OS X training. Need to know how the Mac works I can give you a basic or adaptive training.
  • Do you need to make a professional Website where you can change the content easily yourself? The solution is a ContentManagementSystem (CMS). I am using WordPress and I can help you design your professional WordPress website. This website is also made with WordPress. 

Why should you choose me?

  • I listen very carefully what the client wants or needs, what are the concerns, challenges and problems. With the client perspective in mind I will find the best suitable solutions or products. My goal is to have a satisfied client and a long term mutual business relationship. I want to be your IT solution provider.
  • I work accurate, carefully, focussed and determined to deliver a good job.
  • I have in mind security,sensitivity and privacy. 
  • I am well trained and have lots of experience in IT.