Managed Service Provider Network Security

Diktio Solutions is a Managed Service Provider Network Security. Diktio Solutions is using Cyberoam products for several network security solutions. I can help you design, implement, configure, monitor and maintain your network security.

  • Secure remote Access.

I can help you with;  Any Where, Any Time, Any Device access to your IT infrastructure with a range of VPN options, ensuring uninterrupted business operations, enhanced productivity and lower cost of operations by minimizing travel and infrastructure expenses.

  • Firewall

Diktio Solutions is using Cyberoam as a Firewall solution. Cyberoam offers stateful and deep packet inspection for network, application and user identity-based security. Cyberoam Firewall thus protects organizations from DoS, DDoS and IP Spoofing attacks.

  • Security against web-based threats and data leakage

Wide Security Cover from Web Threats. Cyberoam’s Gateway Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware scans web, Instant Messaging, HTTPS and FTP traffic, delivering web security against emerging malware.

Data Leakage Prevention. Cyberoam Web Filtering blocks file uploads over HTTP, HTTPS and FTP while Instant Messaging and Application Visibility & Control block file transfers over IM and P2P applications, ensuring data leakage prevention and meeting HIPAA, CIPA, PCI DSS compliance requirements.

  • Email security 

Diktio Solutions is using Cyberoam as a solution to offer comprehensive email security, covering all email protocols – SMTP, POP3 and IMAP.

  • Application security

Diktio Solutions is using Cyberoam as a solution to deliver comprehensive Application Security against, malware, intrusions, data leakage and attempts to exploit web application vulnerabilities. Cyberoam controls unauthorized application usage while supporting business-critical applications, secure collaboration, Cloud and SaaS adoption.

  • Data leakage prevention

Diktio Solutions is using Cyberoam as a solution to offer gateway level Data Leakage Prevention, protecting organizations from data leakage and loss occurring with data transfer over email, web and applications.


Ondanks beveiligingsmaatregelen is het nog steeds mogelijk dat apparaten geïnfecteerd of aangetast worden door malware of op een andere manier. Diktio Solutions aanvaardt geen aansprakelijkheid voor schade, van welke aard ook, die verband houdt met aantasting of infectie van de apparaten door malware of anderszins.

Eveneens is uitgesloten de aansprakelijkheid verband houdende met verminking, vernietiging of verlies van gegevens of documenten.