Managed Service Provider Monitoring

Diktio Solutions Is Managed Service Provider ICT Monitoring Powered by Anturis

As Managed Service Provider ICT monitoring I can monitor your servers, networks, websites and applications. Diktio Solutions is your partner in keeping an eye on your IT infrastructure so you can concentrate on your core business.

Why do you want Diktio Solutions as Managed Service Provider Monitoring?
  • Focus on your business and let the monitoring specialist take care of monitoring your IT infrastructure.
  • Responsible persons for the end solution are quickly informed with the result a higher availability.
  • To check and learn the performance of your IT infrastructure over time and discover bottlenecks.
  • The Monitoring data interpreted by specialist. What is normal behaviour?
  • Free up your IT staff for other work.
  • Ease of mind.
  • Clear costs on monthly basis.
What can I monitor as Managed Service Provider ICT Monitoring?
  • Server Monitoring like CPU, RAM, Hard disk usage and space and SMART attributes
  • Network Monitoring like Network device monitoring, Network channel quality monitoring, Network Interface monitoring, Network Protocols.
  • Website Monitoring like Monitoring from different locations, Website uptime, Response time, SSL/TLS certificate expiration, Body and header content, Full page load and Web transactions.
  • Application monitoring like Custom metrics, MySQL database, Apache web server, log files, Swap usage, OS processes, Windows Services, Active Directory, JVM and Windows Event Logs.
  • Some examples are; Is your internet connection still active? Is an important   Windows Service still running? Is my Synology NAS still reachable by doing a ping?  Check if an application is still running.
  • You can monitor Windows and Linux Operating Systems.
  • Printers and other devices can be monitored.
What kind of notification is used?
  • You can get notifications via email, SMS and voice call alerts.

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For detailed information what can be monitored see the Anturis website.

Managed Service Provider ICT Monitoring