Synology Specialist & Service Provider, Synology Expert

Diktio Solutions is Synology specialist and Service Provider for Synology Support. Diktio Solutions is Synology expert

Diktio Solutions is a Synology specialist and Service Provider for Synology support. Diktio Solutions is Synology expert and we can help you with: 

Synology Problem Solving:

Do you have a problem with your Synology NAS Diktio Solutions can help you fix it. Diktio Solutions is Synology expert and is experienced problem solver and has the contacts within Synology in case of an  escalation. Very important is a solid and recent backup. Click here for Ratings & Reviews from customers which Diktio Solutions helped.

Synology Maintenance:

Solid regular maintenance reduces the chance for unpleasant surprises. Diktio Solutions can periodically check and report the status of your Synology. For example the status of the hard disks in your NAS or if the security is still sufficient.

Synology Monitoring:

Do you need to monitor your Synology NAS? Diktio Solutions can do that for you and I will inform you when action needs to be taken. A Synology NAS generates many notifications and knowledge is needed to interpret correctly.  Beside the internal Synology monitoring solutions Diktio Solutions can also use external monitoring solutions.

Synology Backup solutions:

Synology provides modern backup solutions. Backup of your computers, servers and Cloud data like Microsoft Office 365 and Google GSuite. You can backup locally and to the Cloud. As a Synology Specialist Diktio Solutions can help you implement a solid backup strategy for a safe backup of all your data.

Synology Applications:

On a Synology platform you can run different kind of applications and services for example a website or a database but also an Office Suite, a shared agenda, chat functionality and more. Diktio Solutions can help you implement those applications within your organisation.

Synology Security:
  • Encryption shared folders
  • Configure protection against ransomware
  • Configure strong password policy
  • Configure Synology 2 steps verification
  • Configure Logging
  • Implement Security advisor recommendations
  • Install and configure Anti-malware program
  • Adjust Synology NAS settings for beter security
  • Configure Synology backup
  • Configure Synology Firewall
  • Configure Synology update settings
Synology Remote Working:

How can you access your Synology NAS or network externally? As Synology Specialist Diktio Solutions can help you with the builtin Synology NAS or Synology Router VPN solutions like OpenVPN and SSL VPN to access your network externally from smart devices or computers. Diktio Solutions can also configure QuickConnect and routers.

Synology High Availability (SHA):

Synology High Availability is used to improve the service uptime of critical systems. As soon as the active server experiences disruption the passive server will take over. We can setup SHA to strengthen the availability of your critical systems.

Synology Virtualisation:

A Synology NAS can be used as storage for Virtualisation Solutions like KVM or VMware. The Synology NAS can also be used as a Virtualisation Host for Virtual Machines. Diktio Solutions is specialised in Virtualisation, for example an ISCSI connection from a VMware or KVM (CentOS) host to a Synology NAS for storage. Diktio Solutions is also specialised in Virtualisation on the Synology NAS with for example Virtual Machine Manager.

Synology Router:

The Synology Router is extensively configurable. Like Parental control with Filtering and access limitations. Diktio Solutions can help you configuring the Synology Router.

Diktio Solutions is Synology Specialist and Service Provider.

Diktio Solutions is Synology System Integrator in Zuid-Holland. Click on the Synology logo to go to the Partner Website of Synology.