How to make an agenda with Synology

Create as many agendas as you like. For example, a private agenda or a work agenda. You can also give permissions to your agenda. So another person can edit or have read-only access.

Start control panel on your Synology NAS, go to File Services, Shared Folder

create a shared folder and give standard read write permissions on this shared folder  to calendar users.

Go to File Services, WebDAV.

Enable WebDAV HTTPS connection and note port 5006

Enable CalDAV and view calendar list.

Add the agenda’s on the newly created shared folder.

Now all the users with permissions on this shared folder have rights.

Change this rights accordingly in File Station. For example right only permissions.

The server side is ready now.

To connect via Mac OS X start Calendar and go the preferences.

Add an account

Fill in all the details.

server address: synology  address

server path: /”synology shared”/”calendar folder”/

port: port used, usually 5006

select: use SSL