OpenVPN configuratie Synology VPN server

Client configuration settings: 

remote <dns or ip address>  1194

# If redirect-gateway is enabled, the client will redirect it's
# default network gateway through the VPN.
# It means the VPN connection will firstly connect to the VPN Server
# and then to the internet.
# (Please refer to the manual of OpenVPN for more information.)

redirect-gateway def1

When the local network of the OpenVPN client is the same as the local network of the OpenVPN server than you can add the following line to the ovpn configuration file.

route <ip address> 

for example both networks have the same local network: and traffic is not sent inside the VPN tunnel you can add to reach on the local network of the VPN server 


When you have problems with DNS for example with the DNS servers of Ziggo who only allow queries from their own network. You can change your DNS settings to the nameservers of Google. Name servers are and 

Warning message in the log file: 

WARNING: No server certificate verification method has been enabled.  See for more info.

You see this message when you connect with a standard OpenVPN server from Synology and is showed because of the way Synology implemented their OpenVPN server.