Diktio Solutions ICT Specialist and Information Security

ICT Specialist & Service Provider

As an ICT specialist & Service Provider I provide the following services and solutions:

Synology Specialist & Service Provider

Synology is a company that provides ICT products and solutions for modern ICT needs. Diktio Solutions is Synology System integrator in Zuid-Holland.

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Apple Specialist and Service Provider

Apple delivers several products and solutions in which I am specialised and use myself. I have a lot of experience and I am certified.

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System and Network Management

Good System and Network Management will make sure that an ICT infrastructure stays in good condition. I provide system and network services. 

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Managed Service Provider Monitoring

By good monitoring you will work proactive and not reactive. Diktio Solutions uses Anturis as a Cloud oplossing. I can implement monitoring or monitor your infrastructure. 

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Information Security Services & Solutions:

I provide the following Information Security Services and Solutions: 


By using Encryption data can be safely exchanged or kept. For example email encryption or file encryption on your laptop. I can help with implementing encryption. 

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Managed Service Provider (MSP) Endpoint Security

To secure endpoints I offer as a Cloud Service; Managed Service Provider (MSP) Endpoint Security powered by Bitdefender. Diktio Solutions is a Bitdefender partner

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General Data Protection Regulation

By implementing practical solutions I can help comply to the AVG or GDPR.

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Network Security

Diktio Solutions uses Sophos & Synology products for Network Security and Remote Access which I can implement for you. 

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Backup Solutions by Synology

A good backup strategy is very important. For backup solutions I use Synology Solutions which I can implement. 

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Managed Service Provider (MSP) Email Protection

How do I protect my email? I offer as a service;  Managed Service Provider(MSP) Email protection. I use Avira

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