Synology connectie aanpassen

Synology change connection

Synology change connection shows how to change the connection without a new synchronisation. Sometimes you cannot change the connection because it is grayed out and you have to unlink first and make a new connection.


Synology change connection


Synology change connection settings Cloud Station ShareSync:


1. Use Chrome to login DSM and launch Cloud Station ShareSync to start editing the connection of the task.

2. Enable the Developer Tools:

3. Go to the Console tab:

4. Input the following command and hit enter:

document.querySelector(“.syno-dscc-create-wizard input[name=address]”).disabled = false;

5. Now it’s possible to edit the server address even it’s still greyed out:


6. Once it’s done, click on “Apply” to confirm and Cloud Station ShareSync would start connecting to the newly specified server address: