Why Remote Control:

View your clients’ desktops to troubleshoot or make specific configurations. Quickly establish a remote connection to the desktop and make the necessary changes. You can work as if you are in front of that computer and can also have multiple simultaneous connections to work collaboratively.


  • Web-based tool enables access from anywhere.
  • No individual authentication is required to gain access to a remote desktop
  • Protects user privacy by taking user permission prior to establishing a connection.
  • Supports locking the users keyboard and mouse when accessing from remote. Users screen can also be blacked out so that they are not aware of the changes you make.
  • Ability to send “Ctrl+Alt+Del” command to access a locked computer.
  • Ability to switch between users’ applications using “Alt+Tab” command.
  • Ability to remotely transfer files across machines.
  • Usage of 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption protocols during Remote Control operations.
  • Multi-Monitor Support with easy switching options.