The need for software distribution

In today’s fast-paced environment, everything’s becoming increasingly digital. As a result, software is being developed and used at a scale larger than ever and this is true for all businesses/enterprises, especially in IT. As the number of employees (and the software being used by them) in an organization increases, distributing and managing software manually becomes almost impossible for IT administrators. 

Thus, automated and centralized software distribution is required to manage and distribute software automatically and have a bird’s eye view on the software present within your network.

Benefits of software distribution

Automated and centralized software distribution allows you to:

  • Save time and effort by automating distribution.
  • Have a bird’s eye view over the software present within your network.
  • Reduce errors by virtue of automation.
  • Maintain a central repository of software packages.
  • Automatically update software templates.
  • Install software on users’ desktops silently, without affecting their productivity.